Mechanical Engineering

As one of the most important departments among the branches of all Engineering departments,Mechanical Engineering has always been attractive. In addition to the design competitions, the Department of Mechanical offers some great resume builders. The profession of Mechanical Engineering second largest among engineering disciplines involves the design analysis and manufacturing of machines. Central to the profession is the importance of innovation and creating news technologies and products. Mechanical engineers work in teams involved in designing jet engines, automobiles, aircrafts and spacecrafts, micro-electro-mechanicall acceleration and pressure sensors, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, biomedical and biomechanical devices as artificial hip implants:and such integrated mechanical and electronic systems as robots. Mechanical engineers are employeed by small start-ups. Multinational corporations.. government agencies, national laboratories, consulting firms, and universities. They can work in areas of research, design, manufacturing, sales, quality assurance or management.

This branch has got potentiality in job market. Passed out students of this branch have been successfully placed in differnt organizations like Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Hindalco, Bhusan Steel, Vedanta, Adhunik Group, Endurance Technologies, Jindal Steel & Power, NALCO and many more organizations.

The department has well equipped & well-furnished laboratories with workshops, machine shop and applied mechanic lab,Heat power lab, Hydraulic Lab, Automobile Lab, CAD-CAM Lab, Refrigeration & Air conditioning lab. The department is also endowed with briliant & experienced faculty members, some reputed guest faculities from Govt Institutes & Industries toll their label best to quench the appetite of the young "Dreamers".

We also have quite an extensive and hi-tech manufacturing facility that utilizes traditional manufacturing methods as well as newer technologies that combine computer-aided design (CAD) with computer-aided manufacturing(CAM). Those who works in this facility learn these skills which are valuable in the job market.